We Are
Enterprise Strategy.

PCMA is a coalition of entrepreneurs, finance gurus, tech geeks and thought leaders disrupting the financial services industry.


The Innovative Engine for 21 Century Business

PCMA is the disruptive company. We create disruptive ideas that evolve and improve the lending industry, giving them a larger share of the future. We are obsessed with continuous adaptation of ever-changing customer needs and market conditions with speed and scale.

“We recognize that in order to be relevant, we must build vitality into everything we do. We know it’s not about customer loyalty any longer, it’s about PCMA’s loyalty to our customers.”

John Lynch Founder and CEO

Rethink Everything

Marketplace disruption creates huge opportunities for bold enterprises. Turning disruption into opportunity begins with a fresh perspective and new insights.

PCMA is solving real-world problems with next generation solutions.

We take risks. We come up with brave ideas that take on convention.


Have No Fear — a New Era of Lending is Here

  Over the last decade a significant shift has taken place, one where workers have slowly moved away from the confines of corporate life and into a new era of digitalization that fosters far more diverse career options. In this new landscape people all over the world are connected instantly, facilitating networking and commerce in…


Private Client Lending In The Era Of Non-QM

PCL Era on NON QM “Private client profiles tend to be net income light and asset rich,” said John Lynch, CEO and founder of PCMA. “In order to accommodate each person(s) situation, a more sophisticated approach to credit risk is applied using methods such as cash flow analysis on operating business income, asset utilization lending…