Code of Conduct.

Our Code of Conduct defines the values and standards by which PCMA conducts business.

At PCMA, our promise of professionalism to each other, our clients, and the capital markets we serve, compels us to align our culture of integrity with our values, words, and actions.

By setting high standards for ourselves, and our clients, our commitment to upholding PCMA’s values is clear: There is never a situation when compromising our standards is either expected or acceptable. To support our culture of integrity, PCMA has developed a robust ethics program that includes our Code of Conduct.

PCMA’s Code of Conduct – Promise of Professionalism

Our Code of Conduct sets forth our values, shared responsibilities, global commitments, and promises. Additionally, the Code provides general guidance about the firm’s expectations, situations that may require particular attention, additional resources, and channels of communication, as well as illustrative questions and answers and examples of actual ethical issues. Our people are required to adhere to the Code.

Individual Responsibilities

Every individual at PCMA is personally responsible for ensuring that the Values, Commitments, and Promises in the Code are met.

You are expected to:

  • Take ownership. Incorporate the principles of the Code into your daily life. You are responsible for safeguarding PCMA’s integrity. Our reputation impacts everyone and can be damaged by anyone
  • Lead by example. Be a role model, talk about ethics, and act in a manner consistent with our Values
  • Stay informed. Participate in training, read communications, use PCMA resources, and consult when necessary to stay informed about laws, professional standards, and PCMA policies that apply to you in your work
  • Consult with others. You are not expected to know all the answers, but you do have a personal responsibility to ask for help and be aware of professional standards and other situations that require consultation with others
  • Stand firm. Never compromise our Values no matter how strong the internal or external pressure may be to perform, meet goals, or fulfill expectations. Do not be afraid to express differences of opinion or unwelcomed messages, knowing that leadership fully supports you
  • Raise your hand. Your voice counts. So speak up if something does not seem right, seek advice when needed, and offer suggestions to improve our work environment. Every individual is expected to report all potential violations of law or policy that may impact PCMA or its clients

Management Responsibilities

Whether a partner, a supervisor of a team, or an office manager, those with any type of leadership or management responsibilities are expected to help ensure that our people understand that ethics and integrity are the cornerstone of our business.

You are expected to:

  • Lead by example. Show what it means to act with integrity and in accordance with the principles in our Code
  • Support your team. Ensure that those you lead or supervise understand the Code and have access to the resources they need to adhere to PCMA’s Values
  • Develop your team. Establish clear, measurable, and challenging goals that promote ethical behavior and the highest standards of quality
  • Uphold exemplary standards. As a leader, you should enforce PCMA’s standards consistently and fairly and promote compliance with the Code among those you lead
  • Exercise good judgment. Respond thoughtfully and carefully to those who raise questions or concerns, supporting and encouraging those who raise their hands
  • Be accountable. Be prepared to be held personally accountable for any shortcomings in your own behavior, as well as those of the people you lead