Press release.

Jason Vieira outlines the strengths of financial advisory experience

jason jepson - June 3, 2020

MPA (Mortgage Professional America) Magazine 

Honed by more than 16 years of managerial experience – with at least five of those years at the director level – Jason Vieira, sales manager at PCMA, has leveraged his specialities in continuously assisting the clients that his “prestige brand” serves.

Vieira specifically cited his ability to structure loans along with his commitment to discipline and consistency as his most valuable tools.

“I found my originator role to be similar to my experience as a financial advisor,” Vieira said. “As originators, we discuss short- and long-term financial goals; analyze financial statements from personal to business tax returns; review liquid assets that come in the form of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, etc.; and recommend suitable products based on desired financial needs.”

Vieira’s early years in the business have provided him with the robust foundations that he now brings to his business.

“I was previously working as a financial advisor until the dot-com bubble burst in 2000,” Vieira said. “I relocated from Boston, Massachusetts, to Southern California to join my college roommates in the mortgage industry.”

The many crises that Vieira encountered along the way did not dampen his drive to make it big in the mortgage space.

“The financial crisis in 2008 was the most challenging time in my career, as there were many unknown variables in our global markets,” Vieira said. “I transitioned into loss mitigation for a few years as I waited for our credit markets open up and liquidity to funnel in.”

Subsequently, Vieira worked with Secured Funding,, Easy Choice Lending (which he owned), SunTrust Mortgage, and Sprout Mortgage – before finally joining PCMA in 2019.