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Non- Bank Private Client Lending, filling a massive void in mortgage industry

jason jepson - May 30, 2019


PCMA, a disruptor in the mortgage industry, announces the availability
of non-banked private client lending for the mass affluent and high
net-worth. Nearly 32% of all U.S. households are considered mass
affluent and high net-worth – yet only 3% of them enjoy the benefits of
privileged private banking services. Furthermore, due to over
regulation, these people have not been able to take advantage of
historically low interest rates – trapped by their entrepreneurial
spirit and success.

“Private client profiles tend to be net income light and asset rich,”
said John Lynch, CEO and founder of PCMA. “In order to accommodate each
person(s) situation, a more sophisticated approach to credit risk is
applied using methods such as cash flow analysis on operating business
income, asset utilization lending on qualified pledged assets, and cross
collateralization to secure investor interest, along with many other
methods to determine credit risk.”

Private Client Lending customers fit several profiles, included but not
limited to the following:

High Income: Executives / Athletes / Entertainers

Our Private Client Advisors work closely with high income professionals
to determine the best financing solution, lock in a preferred interest
rate, and smooth the process to closing.

Business Owner: Shareholders / LLC Members / Enterprise Contract

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the lifeline of our
economy. We have developed programs for business owners that require no
tax returns and rely solely on the cash flows and financial soundness of
their enterprise(s).

Asset Rich: Retirees / Trust Fund / Foreign National

Whether it’s renovating a home, consolidating debt or seizing a
time-sensitive business opportunity, asset rich borrowers can gain
immediate liquidity to act on opportunities without risk to invested

Investor: Residential / Commercial

A true investor product with rates closer to prime than hard money.
Clients may use the cash flow from property to qualify. No tax returns
or credit verification required and no limit on financed properties.

“By concentrating on the needs of leverage during the wealth creation
phase of the economic lifecycle, which includes finance management
rather than wealth management, we can begin to create credit packages
that meet the needs of this grossly overbanked and underserved audience
— and in the process, also serve other adjacent communities,” said Lynch.

Learn more about Private Client Lending and the impact on the mortgage
industry reading PCMA’s full opinion report by clicking here: Private
Client Lending In The Era Of Non-QM

About PCMA:

PCMA Private Client Lending was built for the mass affluent and high net
worth clientele and the professional mortgage advisors that serve them.
We understand the value of relationships and are dedicated to making a
difference in the lives of our partners and their clients. At PCMA, we
partner with independent mortgage advisors who want to grow their
practice and deliver great outcomes to their clients. Protecting client
relationships and clients under management is our primary focus with a
shared common goal: making a difference in the lives of borrowers and