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PCMA Announces PartnerPrep™ the industry’s first Partner Readiness & Enablement Platform (PREP)

jason jepson - February 18, 2020

Aliso Viejo, CA – February 18th, 2020 — PCMA, the pioneer and category leader in Non-Bank Private Client Lending today announced the launch of PartnerPrep™; the industry’s first Partner Readiness & Enablement Platform to train mortgage professionals how to unlock the benefits of Private Client Lending in high concentration markets of the private client community.

“It is crucial that our industry understands how to engage the Private Client Community,” said John R. Lynch, CEO and Founder of PCMA, Private Client Lending. “PartnerPrep™ is designed to give Independent Mortgage Professionals in key areas the foundational knowledge of the Private Client community and how to build a life-long relationship with them that goes far beyond a mortgage.”

A preview of PCMA’s PartnerPrep™ course curriculum:

LESSON 0: Certification Course Introduction – An introductory lesson outlining PCMA’s Private Client Lending Professional Certification training course objectives and lessons topics.

LESSON 1: PCMA Company Overview – An overview of PCMA Private Client Lending and the company’s evolution as an innovator, creator, and market leader in the Private Client Lending Category.

LESSON 3: Macro Trends and Crisis Legislation – an explanation of how macro trends and crisis legislation have created first-mover opportunities for private client lending specialist firms and advisors.

LESSON 4:  Underserved Needs of High Capacity Households – featuring how Private Client Lending can meet the needs of underserved, high capacity households and how Independent Mortgage Professionals can leverage private client lending to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

LESSON 5: Identifying Private Client Lending Market Strategies – A look into Private Client Lending market strategies using exclusive data-driven marketing assets and professional networks for business expansion.

LESSON 6: Bespoke Private Client Lending Portfolio – An introduction to PCMA’s bespoke private client lending portfolio, servicing Mass Affluent and High Net Worth households with three distinct products.

After completing all 6 lessons, Independent Mortgage Professionals will be eligible to take the PartnerPrep™ online certification exam.  A score of 80% or higher on the certification exam will earn them a competency achievement in Private Client Lending and they will receive a PCMA Certification and Badge.

“PCMA’s PartnerPrep™ initial certification program shows the Private Client Community that the professional they are working with has the skills to identify, approach, manage, and troubleshoot Private Client lending products successfully,” said Lynch.

About PCMA

PCMA is the leading non-bank private client lending organization serving the needs of their mass affluent and high net worth clientele. PCMA offers qualified individuals and institutions bespoke lending solutions across all major residential asset classes. PCMA is a diversified financial enterprise offering private client solutions through a direct and indirect to consumer business model. PCMA strives to build trusting and enduring relationships by putting clients and professional partners at the center of all they do. PCMA is headquartered in Orange County, CA. Additional information is available at