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PCMA Announces ULYSSE, A Modern Approach To Asset-Based Lending

jason jepson - May 24, 2021

Irvine, CA – May 25th, 2020 — PCMA, the pioneer and category leader in Non-Bank Private Client Lending, announced the launch of the ULYSSE program. ULYSSE, is a modern approach to asset-based lending, giving clients the speed and flexibility of opportunity capital using the value of securities held for investment without the need to collateralize or pledge.

“Creation of the ULYSSE is a unique blend of Private Client Flexibility and Concierge Services delivering a bespoke lending experience for our high-capacity clientele,” said John R. Lynch, CEO and founder of PCMA. “ULYSSE addresses the complex needs of the Ultra High Net-Worth as it pertains to primary homes, vacation homes and investment properties.”

ULYSSE features the following options:

  • Loan Amounts to $1MM – $7MM
  • Floor Rate: 3.75%
  • 30 I 40 Year Amortization
  • 10 Year Interest Only
  • No Income Testing – Asset Utilization without the need to pledge
  • Cash Out to LTV Limitations – $2,000,000 or more with no rate adjustment

ULYSSE, along with the rest of the Private Client Collective, caters exclusively to the High Net-Worth. Whether it is renovating a home, repositioning debt, or seizing upon a time-sensitive business opportunity, Private Clients can access efficient access to home equity to act on opportunities without risk or pledge to invested holdings.

“The complexities of our client portfolios and estates required us to modify the way we evaluate household capacity and ability to repay obligations,” said Lynch. The client’s we eagerly serve are sophisticated, experienced, and have certainly earned the right to expect an exceptional private client experience. ULYSSE; is already showing itself to be a very important and dynamic program evolution within our Private Client Collective.”

About PCMA

PCMA is the leading non-bank private client lending organization serving the needs of their high net worth clientele. PCMA offers qualified individuals and institutions bespoke lending solutions across all major residential asset classes. PCMA is a diversified financial enterprise offering private client solutions through a direct and indirect to consumer business model. PCMA strives to build trusting and enduring relationships by putting clients and professional partners at the center of all they do. PCMA is headquartered in Orange County, CA. Additional information is available at