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PCMA Expands High Net Worth Lending Capabilities & Structured Credit Investment Opportunities with the Launch of PCMA Capital Advisors

jason jepson - March 22, 2022

Irvine, CA March 23rd, 2022 – PCMA, the pioneer and leading voice in Non-Bank Private Client Lending, announces the launch of PCMA Capital Advisors, a vertically integrated Asset Origination and Convexity Management firm specializing in Structured, Super Prime, Non-Agency, Private Client Credit.

PCMA Capital Advisors is led by a powerhouse team of structured credit experts, with a pedigreed track record and experience in building and managing large-scale investment management and residential credit businesses.

“PCMA Capital Advisors is an income and credit access vehicle for duration investors looking to invest in high yielding, private client income, with low convexity, and low CPR performance,” said John R. Lynch, CEO and Founder of PCMA Capital Advisors, and PCMA Private Client Companies.

PCMA Capital Advisors proprietary investment vehicle, “Pinnacle”, collapses the distribution layers between asset originator and investor, creating equitable investment, private syndication, asset transparency, portfolio surveillance, convexity management, and proactive oversight for all parties vested in the collateral.

“Pinnacle is an alliance of institutional investors and partnerships that have networked together to reimagine, and rethink how assets and investors come together. Pinnacle opens the door for PCMA and its partners to take first mover advantage of a market opportunity no one sees, nor is incentivized to change,” said Anatoly Burman, President and Chief Investment Officer at PCMA Capital Advisors.

This strategy gives institutional partners access to a very scarce, yet highly lucrative asset class, opening the opportunity for tier one investors to benefit from:

  • Captive Direct Origination I Coveted Asset Management Team
  • Shared Risk Partnership I Convexity Management
  • Investment Grade Proxy I High Quality Income I Low Convexity
  • Private Placement I Monthly Settlement I Asset to Liability Matching


“PCMA Private Client Lending serves the most accomplished of our society arming PCMA Capital Advisors with tier one credit and convexity managed investment strategies for informed investors,” said Joe McKnight, COO and Head of Corporate Development at PCMA Capital Advisors. “We are bringing original ideas and concepts that have never been seen before; investment ideas and new approaches that will grow into our multi-tiered credit portfolio and beyond.”


About PCMA

PCMA is a vertically integrated Asset Origination and Convexity Management firm that specializes in Structured, Super Prime, Non-Agency, Private Client Credit. With its captive origination unit, PCMA has become the leading Non-Bank Private Client Lender in the U.S. What began as a linear venture has morphed into a vertical organization and industry leading incubator of ideas pushing the boundaries of innovation in high-capacity financial services. PCMA offers qualified individuals and institutions bespoke lending and advisory services across all major credit, and residential asset classes. PCMA is headquartered in Orange County, CA. Additional information is available at


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